As an Educational Consultancy, Better English JSC provides parents and students with the highest level of personal and professional guidance. We have a reputation for excellence and integrity in the way we address every student’s needs and in our on-going care and advice.

Our experience in providing guardianship for students goes back to 2009 when Better English board of management started the first school for students in Thai Binh province who do not have many chances to get access to top quality education services. The establishment of the company was accredited by Thai Binh Department of Investment and Planning with the issued paper number 1000663880.  After 2 years working in Thai Binh, Better English has achieved its most reputation for orienting students to their bigger dreams for the future and encouraging students to achieve greater successes in their academic pathways. At Better English, no dreams of students are unrealistic and everyone will be inspired and find a dream. For the first time, students from a remote province of Vietnam got up to 8.5 IELTS international examination and got enrolled to many privileged universities all around the world. Better English School in Hanoi is the successor to this organization and now represents at 69, Ho Dac Di street, Dong Da ward, Hanoi, Vietnam with more than 2 years of professional experience in caring for children from grade 5 to grade 12 and adults who seek for higher education. In addition, through our personal contacts and regular visits, we can link with any schools in the UK and Australia and are able to advise parents and their sons and daughters professionally and impartially on the right choice of school.


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